Android Arduino Handbag by follower

Make Arduino accessories for Android without writing Android code with the HandBag App for Android.

Handbag: the Android Arduino Accessorizer

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If you can write a sketch for your Arduino, you can accessorize your Android with Handbag!

  • Do you want to make Arduino-based accessories for your Android phone or tablet like the Android Open Accessory Development Kit?

  • Don't know how to write Java code for Android?

  • Don't want to install Eclipse and the Android SDK?

Use the Handbag™ for Android app and those Android coding days are gone...

With Handbag you can:

  • Create an Android User Interface and display it on a phone or tablet.

  • Display buttons on the Android device and respond to button presses from the Arduino.

  • Enable a user to provide information to your accessory by displaying text entry fields on the Android device and receive the entered text on your Arduino. (For example to provide configuration information.)

  • Display labels on the Android device screen of different sizes and update their content to provide feedback to the user.

Example code

This sample code extract would display the text "Hello, World!" on screen and also a button that would call the buttonCallback function on the Arduino when it is pressed:

    Handbag.addLabel("Hello, World!", 20);
    Handbag.addButton("LED on/off", buttonCallback);

The button callback could toggle an LED on and off, for example.


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20 May 2011