Android development notes by follower

Starting a new Android Project in Eclipse

  • Select File > New > Android Project.

  • Set ProjectName.

  • Set location (if desired).

  • Select Build Target (For USB select Google APIs 2.3.3).

  • Specify Application name & Package name.

  • Have Create Activity selected & provide name.

  • Set Min SDK Version to 10 for USB.

  • Click Finish.

Commit to repository
  • Assuming project in ./app/:

    hg add app/.classpath app/.project 
    hg add app/src app/res
    hg add app/AndroidManifest.xml app/ app/proguard.cfg

    i.e.: hg add .classpath .project src/ res/ AndroidManifest.xml proguard.cfg

  • Create .hgignore with:

    # use glob syntax.
    syntax: glob
  • Then add it as well:

    hg add .hgignore
  • Then commit all.


  • Droid@Screen -- "stand-alone Java Swing GUI application that shows the screen of an Android device on a computer."

Software Keyboard Input Method Implementation

SMS/Telephony related


Development Ideas

  • Hardware/App to allow accessory to upload App to device.

  • "Hub" to allow multiple ADK accessories.

Exporting SVG on Android

  • As far as I can tell there's no libraries available that make exporting to a SVG file from an Android application any easier than just directly exporting SVG as XML by hand. (Was looking into possibility of exporting to SVG from Quill for Android.

Synchronous Gesture input

Cross-platform game development