Notes: Adobe FrameMaker file formats by follower

Research into Adobe FrameMaker file formats (and reverse engineering)

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As part of the Medtronic "open ventilator" COVID-19 response a number of proprietary file formats were used.

This page contains notes from my research into the Adobe FrameMaker document publishing software & file formats used for some of the product/user documentation/manuals.

Note: The generated PDF files were also included in the released files and so the research below should not be required to merely read the information contained in the documentation.

Note: Currently it seems a time-limited "trial" version of Adobe FrameMaker (2019) for Windows is available for download (when an email address/account is supplied?) if immediate access to (and editing of?) the source documents is required. The research below should only be needed if accessing FrameMaker file formats is required for other Operating System platforms (although perhaps WINE would be an option then) or at such a time that trial software access is not available.

  • Product info:

  • File extensions/formats:

    • .fm

    • .book

    • .mif -- "Maker Interchange Format" of which Wikipedia notes:

      "The purpose of MIF is to represent FrameMaker documents in a relatively simple, ASCII-based format [...] Any document that can be created interactively in FrameMaker can also be represented, exactly and completely, in MIF [...]"

      No .mif files appear to have been included in the ventilator project release.