Notes: Mac OS X by follower

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10.8 (Mountain Lion)

  • "How To Fix Slow Wake Up Time On MacBook Pro With Retina" -- Note: Since a recent update (~December 2012) this affects other machines also.

    Change standby delay to twelve hours with:

        sudo pmset -a standbydelay 43200

    (Note: If you copy and paste make sure it's a hyphen before the a.)

    (Update: This doesn't appear to have made any difference.)

    • 2013-02-03: Trying sudo pmset -c autopoweroffdelay 43200 (via). (Sets the undocumented power off delay to 12 hours, instead of the default 4, when on a charger.)

    • 2013-02-05: Well, changing the autopoweroffdelay value seems to work--I've not actually confirmed it entirely but from looking at the logs the hibernation happens 12 hours after the sleep. I've changed it to 24 hours with sudo pmset -c autopoweroffdelay 86400 because apparently sometimes there's more than 12 hours between wake and sleep when I use my computer. :D

  • PS3 controller see: &

USB Prober

This utility is no longer shipped with OS X.

An (somewhat) alternative is to view the USB section of the System Information tool.

Or, run this in a terminal (via "lsusb on OS X"):

    system_profiler SPUSBDataType

(Also see: "Is there an equivalent of lsusb for OS X" & "Working with USB devices in a C program on MacOS X")

Updated Nvidia GPU Drivers (on not officially supported machines)

Sony Bridge for Mac OS (for older versions)


Target Display Mode

Other tools

  • Monolingual -- "program for removing unnecessary language resources"