Notes: Zuken CR-5000 EDA by follower

Research into Zuken CR-5000 EDA/PCB design software file formats

As part of the Medtronic "open ventilator" COVID-19 response a number of proprietary file formats were used.

This page contains notes from my research into the Zuken CR-5000 EDA software & file formats used for the schematic & PCB designs.

  • Company info: Zuken (describes CR-5000 as "...enterprise-wide PCB design software platform for both analogue and digital PCB design.")

  • Product info:

    • Wikipedia: CR-5000 (product superceeded by "next generation replacement" CR-8000)

    • Official company product page: CR-5000

  • Related software:

  • File extensions/formats:

    • "CR-5000 Board Designer (.pcb, .pnl), Footprint data (.ftp)" (via Zuken viewer application page above)

    • "Zuken CR5000 PCF Files (*.PCF), Zuken CR5000 FTF Files (*.FTF), Zuken CR5000 EDS Files (*EDS)." (via Altium Designer 18.0 "Import Wizard" docs for "Zuken CR5000 Design Files")

      Includes note: "Zuken binary files must be converted to ASCII files before importing."

      See more details below.