Project: Kiwicon 8 Spit Roast tag (2014) by follower

Partial write up of the Kiwicon 8 Spit Roast tag I designed.

See also: Notes: FabLab : Laser Cutter

Design brief

Kiwicon is a New Zealand security conference known for its high production values and general awesomeness. This year they wanted to have a post event Spit Roast meal at Wright's Hill Fortress a local World War 2 fortress installation.

Due to venue limits only about 100 tickets were available so they wanted to have a "tag" that could be attached to the main conference badge to indicate admittance to the Spit Roast event.


At the Wellington FabLab I'd been prototyping some flexible PCBs using their vinyl cutter and copper tape. They also have a laser cutter. Why not combine the two? :)

This year the conference was 1980s themed and the conference poster included Space Invaders. The similarity between the Wellington fortress and Space Invaders "bunker" seemed like a good connection to draw out in the initial design.


Here's some photographs I should surround with some proper text one day...

Initial project sketch:

First version (25% larger than expected (see link to laser cutter notes above for why this happened) but even at the "correct" size it turned out bigger than desired). Happy coincidence though that the rainbow ribbon cable fitted quite nicely. :)

Trying out an alternate colour at the proper size (here you can also see the "Easter egg" in the badge--when delivered the copper is smooth & unmarked but rubbing the copper with a blunt implement reveals the "K8" conference intials):

The final result:

The big pile of bits ready to be assembled:

Unfortunately it seems the design is not without issues: :) But they did survive the event!