Workshop: Kiwicon 2012 Intro to Arduino by follower

"Yo, I’m gunna make you Blink!" Introductory Arduino Workshop Kiwicon 2012 [Quick link:]

General information

Before you arrive

  • To get the most from the workshop you will need an Arduino & small parts kit. You will need to purchase one in advance.

    See the bottom of the Details & Rego page for links to suitable kits. (Note: If you want the MindKits "for Kiwicon" shipping option you'll need to place your order before close of business Wednesday.)

    The kits for sale include the necessary breadboard, LEDs, resistors, button and jumper wires required for the workshop in addition to a number of other parts useful for your own exploration.

    If you left everything to the last minute you might be able to find an Experimenters Kit at Jaycar in Wellington. Or scrounge an Arduino-compatible and hope the other hackers at the workshop are friendly enough to share their parts.

  • While we will cover the installation process during the workshop you might prefer to install the Arduino software (see below in the "Installation" section of the resource links) onto your laptop before arriving. This will help you get onto the fun part of playing with hardware faster.

    Pre-workshop installation is particularly recommended if you have a Linux-based system.

    At a minimum take a minute to download the installer while you have reliable nets. :)


Friday, 16 November 2012

  • 12:45pm -- Pre-purchased kit pickup

  • 1:00pm -- Introduction

  • 1:15pm -- Hands-On 1 : Installation, language and LED Blink

  • 2:15pm -- Physical Computing Overview

  • 2:30pm -- Break

  • 2:45pm -- Hands-On 2 : More LED, Breadboard & Button

  • 4:00pm -- Wrap-Up & Finish

Resource links


Hands on: Blink

  • Open sketch from: File > Examples > 01.Basics > Blink

  • Blink Tutorial

Hands on: Blink with LED and breadboard

  • Open sketch from: File > Examples > 01.Basics > Blink

  • Blink Tutorial

Hands on: Button